Skyler Wistrom is a Research Analyst and Business Manager for Practical Sustainability LLC.  Skyler graduated from Graceland University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business administration.  Skyler has held several leadership positions pertaining to sales and marketing.  He has also performed market research and held critical roles in starting several companies.  Skyler has over two and half years of experience in pyrolysis technology.  The first year of this experience is from being a Lead Operator in a tire pyrolysis plant where he learned the basics of pyrolysis and gained knowledge on the industrial setting. The other year and a half has been in a lab setting where Skyler has been operating, maintaining, and interpreting several pieces of lab equipment including but not limited to GC-FID, Flash Point Analysis, XRF, and various forms of distillation.  Skyler is also an active member of the American Chemical Society.